We offer medical care and psycho-social support to vulnerable and displaced people in multiple locations, through a dedicated team of international volunteers.


The majority of our medical services are provided in our on-site clinics, but we also go out to the living quarters of people in the camps to provide care to those who have difficulty getting to a clinic.


We understand that a trip to the hospital can be an overwhelming experience. Our team are sensitive to the needs of individuals and provide high-quality care for all patients.


Our staff help to organise appointments, minimise confusion and provide interpretation services when chaperoning patients to see local specialists who help provide answers regarding diagnosis, treatment, and detailed follow-up care instructions.

We deal with a wide range of medical cases and try to treat them in our clinic and transfer them to hospital only if needed.

With the help of our medical students and clinical teams currently working on the ground, we have developed clinical care plans and electronic patient records which are updated regularly.


Aside from our ongoing medical projects, we've run numerous non-medical and holistic care projects to help improve the wellbeing and mental health of our patients. This includes teaching and administering the innovative 'Trauma Tapping Technique': a form of therapy proven to relieve symptoms of post-traumatic stress, anxiety and depression.

For further details on where we work and the medical and holistic healthcare services we offer, head over to our 'Projects' page.



In 2022 'Kitrinos Healthcare' formed new partnerships with humanitarian organisations and individuals in Greece, Afghanistan and Lebanon. 


We are in the process of setting up a 'Trauma Tapping' space for vulnerable women and children living in Kabul. To learn more about TTT and its benefits, head over to our projects page.


Alongside fellow humanitarians, we have begun providing primary care services to refugees trapped in camps along the Syria-Lebanon Border, such as Camp Arsal.



Having formally established ourselves as a registered charity, we have provided medical care to refugees in multiple regions across mainland Greece and the islands. The following are just some of the areas covered; you can find more information about our work in our blogs and reports.

  • Moria Camp, Lesbos (2015, 2018-20)

  • EKO Polykastro (2016)

  • Idomeni (2016)

  • Drama (2016)

  • Camp Vagiochori "Ghost Camp" (2016-17)

  • Elpida (2017)

  • Sinatex (2017)

  • Thessaloniki - mobile care service

  • Mavrovouni, Lesvos (2022) alongside partner 'Medecins du Monde - Greece'

  • Vial Camp, Chios (2021) alongside partner 'Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario'



  • Hope Café - We have operated a weekend primary care service in Hope Café in Athens, whose primary function is to provide nutritious meals to people in Athens who are unable to support themselves. Our team provides healthcare to between 25 and 30 patients each weekend.


  • Velos Youth Centre - A safe, caring environment in which young people between the ages of 16 and 21 can seek psychological and material support and legal counsel. Kitrinos Healthcare provided medical treatment to visitors, some of whom were victims of sexual exploitation.