We offer medical care through a dedicated team of international volunteers currently working together in various locations across Greece.


The majority of our medical services are provided in our on-site clinics, but we also go out to the living quarters of people in the camps to provide care to those who have difficulty getting to the clinic.


Our high-quality equipment, including emergency resuscitation kits, an ECG

and a portable ultrasound machine, have been donated by kind individuals amongst volunteers, friends and family. Within our clinics, our medical staff are devoted to the care and comfort of the patients. 

Our rooms are fully equipped with all the basic medical needs in terms of equipment and a selection of commonly used medication from

our main pharmacy.


We understand that a trip to the hospital can be an overwhelming experience for everyone involved. Our outstanding medical team are sensitive to the needs of individuals and provide high-quality care for all patients.


Our staff help to organise appointments, minimise confusion and provide interpretation services when chaperoning patients to see local Greek specialists who help provide answers regarding diagnosis, treatment, and detailed follow-up care instructions.

We deal with a wide range of medical cases and try to treat them in our clinic and transfer them to hospital only if needed.

With the help of our medical students and clinical teams currently working on the ground, we have developed clinical care plans and electronic patient records which we try to keep updated daily.


Until September 2020, we operated solely in Camp Moria on the island of Lesvos. However, following a devastating fire which killed no one but destroyed the camp and our clinic along with it, we have moved to 'Moria 2.0' - a new camp that was previously a military shooting range. Additionally, we provide volunteers to a partner medical actor, Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario, in their Vial Camp clinic (Chios).


The refugee situation in Greece is fluid and new camps might be established in the future. The team is always prepared to move around to meet operational needs.

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'Old Moria'                                                                                    Our current clinical space in Moria 2.0

Over the last two years, having established ourselves more formally as a registered charity, we have provided medical care to refugees in multiple regions across Northern Greece and the islands. The following are just some

of the areas covered, and you can find more information about our work in our blogs and reports.  

  • Moria Camp, Lesbos (2015, 2018-20)

  • EKO Polykastro (2016)

  • Idomeni (2016)

  • Drama (2016)

  • Camp Vagiochori "Ghost Camp" (2016-17)

  • Elpida (2017)

  • Sinatex (2017)




  • Hope Café - We have operated a weekend primary care service in Hope Café in Athens, whose primary function is to provide nutritious meals to people in Athens who are unable to support themselves. Our team provides healthcare to between 25 and 30 patients each weekend.


  • Velos Youth Centre - A safe, caring environment in which young people between the ages of 16 and 21 can seek psychological and material support and legal counsel. Kitrinos Healthcare provided medical treatment to visitors, many of whom are victims of sexual exploitation.


We have also provided a mobile service in Thessaloniki.



Emergency Night Shift


This project aims to provide emergency healthcare for the residents living in 'Camp Moria 2.0' during the night, when there are no other medical staff on site. The night shift clinic is open 6 days per week to adults, teens and children.


Scabies Project

In our scabies clinic, we assess patients for scabies and provide appropriate treatment, plus associated services (laundry, showers, new clothes). This is essential as scabies is one of the most frequent dermatological problems in the camp. Kitrinos works in collaboration with other NGOs in order to provide these services. The clinic is currently open during the afternoons, 4 days per week.

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Medical Clinic in Chios – Collaboration with Salvamento Maritimo Humanitario

Kitrinos Healthcare collaborates with the NGO Salvamento Maritimo Humanitario in Chios, providing medical volunteers to work in a GP clinic for refugees.

Non-Medical Projects


Our main focus is on providing healthcare to our patients, but our volunteers have been supporting refugees by involving them in different activities. This holistic approach provides much needed psychosocial support for a group of vulnerable people who have lost so much.

Our current holistic care project focusses on 'health and wellbeing promotion' sessions for refugee women and children, which are currently held over zoom.


Our past projects/activities include: 

  • Health & Fitness

  • Sewing and Knitting Club

  • Coffee/Tea Club

  • 'Garden of Hope' Gardening Club

  • Seasonal projects (Qurbani/Eid/Winter etc)

  • Heating and Warmth

  • 'Trauma Tapping' and 'stress and trauma regulation' sessions.

Check out our Projects page to learn more about our

medical and holistic healthcare projects.