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*trigger warning: domestic violence*

It’s the end of another long, tiring day for Malala* who works as a cleaner for her neighbours, but the last thing she wants is to go home. What awaits her is shared by so many women in Afghanistan: beatings by her husband, in front of her terrified children. Although she is heavily pregnant, she has no choice but to go to work every day because her husband is too intoxicated to do so. Once, Malala was so badly beaten that she lost consciousness. She had fled to government officials afterwards, who threatened her husband with imprisonment, but of course that was futile. Malala was forbidden from ever leaving her house to seek help again.

*Based on a true story

Our contacts indicate that in Afghanistan, situations like this are devastatingly common. There are no safehouses for women to escape from their abusers, and they now need their husband’s or father’s permission to even leave their front door, leading to an almost hopeless situation for women who are subjected to domestic violence.

Having treated many traumatised individuals in Camp Moria with encouraging success, we are now initiating projects in Afghanistan focusing on self-care and self-help for trauma relief (including ‘TTT’**) as a small step towards empowering women and giving them hope for a better future.

**Trauma Tapping Technique - read more

This year ‘Team Kitrinos’ are joining forces with humanitarian actors in Lesvos, Lebanon and Afghanistan to care for vulnerable and displaced women, children and families in crisis.

©MdM - Greece

In 2021:

  • MDM Greece provided care to over 8000 refugees, 2000 of whom were highly vulnerable

  • More than 15000 medical consultations were provided (Primary Health Care, Sexual & Reproductive Health and Paediatrics).

  • 556 vaccinations were given out by MDM nursing staff.

  • Nearly 3500 patients were given psychological support (including those who have experienced SGBV).

  • Under 200 patients were supported to navigate and access secondary and tertiary medical care.


  • In addition, there are currently 50 pregnant women receiving antenatal care.

Please support our important and ongoing work in Lesvos, Lebanon and Afghanistan:

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'Team Kitrinos'

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