#VolunteerDiaries: Stephani and Tharjan

We are Stephani and Tharjan, both general practitioners from Leicester, UK. We’ve been volunteering with Kitrinos Healthcare for a month. We became doctors to improve access to healthcare for all. The refugee crisis is well known, and we have friends who’ve worked in Greece and told us about the situation here. This crisis is one of the greatest humanitarian crises of the century. We hoped we could use our skills to help vulnerable people who have escaped from terrible situations, and whose health has consequently been neglected.

It feels like we’ve learned a lot more from the patients than we have given them. It has been a truly humbling experience. The individual stories are unimaginable, but despite the pain some patients still seem positive and upbeat, which is eye-opening and makes you feel grateful for what you have.

Stephani: “My dad was a refugee from Sri Lanka, and now being able to help refugees myself means a lot. It has shown me that every person, given the right support, can achieve their greatest potential and give something back, even generations later.”

Tharjan: “No one should look down on refugees. They are not trying to ‘drain the system’, they are just trying to live their lives after something that wasn’t their fault happened. Just like Steph’s dad, my father came to the UK with just a scholarship, he did a degree, he contributed to society and he was able to offer me a future.”


Kitrinos Healthcare are currently looking for passionate volunteer doctors and nurses to join our team in August and September. If this could be you, drop us an email at volunteer@kitrionshealthcare.com.

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