Volunteer Dr. Julia

“My first two weeks of working in the SMH clinic in Chios are already over and it feels like I’ve just arrived. The lovely team here made it easy for me to adapt to the daily procedures and learn about the work and camp structures.

We have seen more or less 40 patients a day. What I find most difficult at the moment is to accept that our clinic cannot help with changing their everyday living conditions, which are often the source of their insomnia, lice, constipation, headache, infected wounds or rat bites. So I try to find ways to show patients that I see them, that the conditions they live in are inhumane and make them sick, and at the same time try to give them something to ease their symptoms. But we have also had patients this week whose health, I was pleased to see, had improved thanks to the treatment we provided.

I am looking forward to continuing with the work here in the coming weeks, to learn more and get a deeper understanding not only of the health problems of people in the camp, but also of the legal challenges people on the move are facing when arriving in Greece.”

- Julia, volunteer Doctor for Kitrinos Healthcare, 2021.

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