Children sick and suffering in Moria 2.0

This year, 'Team Kitrinos' are looking forward to forming new partnerships with medical actors in Camp Moria 2.0 (Kara Tepe), where we will be providing much-needed care to refugee families, women and children.

Here is the story of a mum and her two kids who attended our Night Shift clinic last month.*

A mother attended our clinic with her two boys, who were suffering from a fever, a cough and ear pain, which made one of her sons cry all through the night. She explained to us that the symptoms had been going on for days and she’d been assured by another doctor that the issue would resolve itself without any need for medication.

The mother had decided to source some paracetamol herself, which she'd given to the boys prior to arriving. An examination confirmed an ear infection in one of the boys and both were diagnosed with a lower respiratory infection with suspected bacterial complications. The two were prescribed antibiotics and antipyretics to lower their fever, reduce their recovery time and alleviate their pain, to their concerned mother’s great relief.

*Please note: we are no longer running the Night Shift clinic in Moria 2.0.

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