The New Team Kitrinos

Dear friends and kind supporters,

Kitrinos Healthcare has been operating as a charity for seven years now, and in those years, we’ve achieved great things. It goes to show how a small intention to do a little bit of good can become viral. As we have gathered together groups of people with similar thoughts and like-minded intentions, we have amplified our efforts. Our work has been carried by a wave of goodwill from our supporters, our volunteers and, indeed, the people who we serve. We’re so proud of how our patients, many who have now become part of the team, have encouraged us and given back to us. Most heartwarmingly, they have been able to progress their lives against all the odds and challenges they faced.

Behind the scenes, our board members (all who are unpaid trustees of the organisation), have been extremely active. They’ve worked tirelessly to syphon off workloads that would normally be done by CEOs or high-paid officials in corporate organisations. We’ve taken pride in avoiding the costs, and the trustees have pushed themselves mentally, socially and financially to do so. However, the downside is that this level of effort is not sustainable as the charity continues to grow.

It feels that we’ve hit a robust peak; the bureaucratic process of running a charity at low costs is no longer viable. So, having taken time to regroup and gather strength, we’ve decided that the best way to progress is to de-register as a charity, and rebrand as Team Kitrinos Non-Profit Ltd a registered limited-by-guarantee not for profit organisation. The ethical principles and purpose of the organisation will remain the same. However, we hope to widen our scope of serving displaced people and refugees to include the UK and world wide locations. We would like to support medical, psychological as well as social and cultural activities.

While this will mean we will lose the ability to collect Gift Aid, we will be saving costs elsewhere, we can still fundraise and, most importantly, we can focus on doing the work that is important: providing high-quality care in difficult settings in a small and dynamic way.

Team Kitrinos will continue to bring together groups of volunteers. We’ve always been so proud of our fantastic team of professional, educated and skilled individuals; humanitarians who are driven to deliver high quality care. As per our last communication, the situation in Greece is smaller now and a little more stable. While it is by no means ideal, there isn’t enough work for us and other organisations to be competing. So, our aim is to find other places in the world where we can deliver the same high level of medical care to those in need. Ultimately, our aim is to focus on our volunteers and what they do best rather than paperwork and much red tape.

There is nothing to say that we won’t become a charity again at some point in the future. Certainly, if we can find a group of people who are willing to help at the leadership level, we may be able to upscale our operations once more. Indeed, if you would like to carry the baton and take it further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. In the meantime, Team Kitrinos will move forward with a refreshed sense of purpose to serve those in need.

It’s befitting that this regrouping coincided with the recent celebrations of Eid al-Adha, a time when we all come together with our family and friends, a time to think of sacrifices that have been made, a time of reflection and of celebration of many successes and gratitude - for our part anyway that we have

flourished with smallest of intentions made to help make the world a better place. We hope it encourages each of you to take the smallest steps needed in a positive direction - even if you never know what may become of it. Follow your heart and watch what unfolds…most importantly - be true to yourself.

Dr. Siyana Mahroof-Shaffi

Chair of Kitrinos Healthcare

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