The Forgotten Ones

More than a decade after the war broke out in Syria, Dr. Siyana Mahroof-Shaffi discusses her recent medical missions to the Syria-Lebanon border camps, meeting 15-year-old orphan Karam who lives with life-threatening Haemophilia, and why the world has grown silent about the continuing plight of Syrian refugees.

"A few months ago I was [in Lebanon]. I went to a pharmacy to buy something really basic and they said they didn’t have it. I asked ‘where can I get it?’ and they said ‘you won’t find it anywhere.’ ... Painkillers, even important medications for cancer treatment. They can’t even get nappies and baby formula milk powder. And I was just thinking, ‘how are you surviving? And how come nobody is talking about it?’..." - Waritha Zaynab (interviewer).

Listen to the full discussion:

*Please note: trigger warning for mentions of torture and murder*

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