Refugees Are Going Hungry This Ramadan - Help Us Feed Them!

Dear friend,

While Muslims around the world begin preparing for this coming Ramadan, thousands of Syrian and Afghan refugee families are facing another Ramadan not knowing when their next proper meal will be. There is no delicious Iftar with fruit, rice and desserts at the end of a long day of prayer and reflection - for them, the fast never ends.

Can you help us feed the hungry this Ramadan?

In previous years, we've been able to distribute thousands of dates and food packs to refugees in need.

With your help, this year, we could do even better.Help us give the gift of dates and nutritious food packs to vulnerable and displaced people in Syrian border camps, Greek refugee camps and Afghan provinces.

£5 - 1 day's supply of food for family of 4

£10 - 1kg of nutritious dates for a healthy energy boost

£50 - dry food packs for 1 tent (up to 7 people) for 1 month

Very best wishes for the week ahead and thank you for your continuing support,

‘Team Kitrinos’


We would like to thank ‘Black Orchids’, who will kindly be donating a percentage of their profits to us over the Ramadan period.

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