Reaching New Ground in 2022: Medicine for Lebanon

We are pleased to announce that we have begun branching out our services beyond Greece.

In Europe, many of us take for granted that we can access medical treatment relatively cheaply from public healthcare services, but for refugees in Lebanon, a serious lack of affordable, accessible healthcare means their needs are not being met. The sick, disabled and most vulnerable are falling through the cracks.

We are now providing essential medical aid to refugees in Arsal, a Lebanese camp across the border from Syria. The camp currently holds 15,000 people in dire conditions, struggling to survive in drafty, leaking and sometimes even moldy tarpaulin tents following a government order in 2019 to dismantle their settlement

We have teamed up with nurses on the ground to supply free chronic medication to patients who can’t afford to pay for their prescriptions. This includes patients with diabetes, epilepsy and cardiovascular disease, who must rely on medication to keep their conditions in check.

We need your help to reach even more patients with potentially life-saving treatment.

To stay in the loop about our new and upcoming projects this year, follow us on social media @teamkitrinos on facebook, instagram and twitter.

Thank you for your continuing support,

'Team Kitrinos'

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