Scabies in our Skin Infections Clinic

Scabies is an intensely uncomfortable and sometimes painful parasitic infection caused by microscopic mites which burrow under the skin and lay their eggs beneath the skin’s surface. According to the World Health Organisation, up to 10% of children in resource-poor areas suffer from the condition. Scabies is common in refugee camps due to unsanitary and often overcrowded living conditions and limited access to hygiene and laundry facilities.

Since our Lesvos skin infections clinic opened last November, we’ve treated over 1.3 thousand patients for scabies, in addition to hundreds with other skin infections and conditions. We provide our patients with medication and follow-up consultations, and refer them to the NGOs Lava Project and Movement on the Ground who offer showers and clothes-washing facilities to prevent re-infection.

You can read one of our ‘scabies success stories’ here, about a weeks-old baby in Moria 2.0 who was ‘failing to thrive’ due to the distress caused by their infection.

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