'Medicine for Lebanon' - an update from us

We'd like to start by saying a big thank you to all who have donated to our Lebanon Appeal so far, and in particular to SWAN / Southern Women's Aid Network for their incredibly generous donation of £1000.

We are now providing essential medical aid to refugees in Arsal, a Lebanese camp across the border from Syria. The camp holds thousands of refugees in appalling conditions. Right now, the situation is more dire than ever, with heavy snow, below-freezing winds and storms tearing through the thin plastic tents residents are expected to call their homes.

We are anticipating seeing cases of frostbite and respiratory illnesses exacerbated by Winter, and devastatingly, every year, people lose their lives. This year they face the additional threat of rising COVID cases without testing facilities or available treatment.

To make matters worse, many residents of the camp are living with chronic illnesses like diabetes, epilepsy and heart disease, and they simply cannot afford the medication they need to survive.

We are working with organisations on the ground to provide free medication to residents with chronic illnesses. We need your help to reach even more patients with potentially life-saving treatment.

We've so far reached just over 10% of our target, and with your help we could reach the full £10,000.

Please donate today.

Thank you,

'Team Kitrinos'


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