Introducing our New TTT Project!

We are pleased to announce that our team alongside @mdm_greece have now begun offering drop-in ‘trauma tapping’ sessions to refugees and NGO actors in Camp Mavrovouni (AKA Moria 2.0).

TTT is an innovative self-help technique that’s proven to reduce stress and anxiety and relieve symptoms of trauma. Traditional talking therapy is seldom available and impractical to implement in a camp setting. With TTT, age and language barriers aren't an issue and there is far less risk of ‘triggering’ patients. One of the greatest benefits is that it's simple and quick to learn, meaning that our patients can teach the technique to their friends and family, providing a 'ripple of healing' throughout the community.

We’re presenting our new project to a number of NGOs working with refugees in Lesvos, including Parea Action Centre

@ohfcommunitycenter, Lesvos - and @makerspace_lesvos, who are referring the ‘wellbeing centre’ visitors to our TTT clinic.

We'd like to thank our partners and collaborators for their keen support for this important project. We're hoping to see really positive results in the coming months.

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