Interview with Nefeli Für Uns - KH Nurse Coordinator Georgia

Our Nurse Coordinator Georgia was recently interviewed by Yasin from Nefeli Für Uns ( / @nefeli_fur_uns) about our Night Shift project in Lesvos’ Camp Moria 2.0.

Transcript (abridged):

Georgia: I'm Georgia, I'm almost 35 years old, I'm a nurse and I'm working with Kitrinos Hellas.

Yasin: And you just came from Night Shift, right?

G: Yes. It can be a bit scary and difficult to manage because every night is unpredictable, you never know if there’ll be a fight, if someone will come in intoxicated, or, now we deal with a lot of mental health patients who, even if they don’t have a history (of mental illness), they are living everyday life with a question mark above their heads, like ‘what’s going to happen with my legal status?’, and they’re getting a lot of panic attacks. Unfortunately a lot of people are using drugs or alcohol in order to forget their situation. And what they want actually is for someone to hear them out, to understand that it was not easy for them to do this journey, to come here for a better future (and now) being inside the camp without knowing (what will happen to them). What was promised to them and what they experience are completely different things. And you see young people who are sad, they don't know what to do.

With COVID as well, all of us have experienced what it is to be in quarantine, but for them it was more difficult, with the winter, it's a new camp, a lot of things were not set up properly so it was cold. It's not a very good environment, especially during the winter.

Y: What kind of medical services are there, what (health issues are) most common (during the Night Shift)?

G: I would say mostly intoxication, even if it’s just paracetamol or something, for them it’s like, just (taking) something to forget.

Y: What do you learn personally? Do you learn from your work?

G: That everyday I can be my better self, every day there’s something new. Don’t imagine for a moment that even if you spend the last five years of your life here, that you know (everything). Every day there’s something new: I think that is the thing that keeps me going. I'm my better self, you know, I'm better today, I know that because I already received 30 smiles this morning.

Y: And you're not done yet, you will go back to the camp now, to the Night Shift?

G: Yes, and I’ll receive more smiles!

Y: Is there something at the end you want to share?

G: It's good to know that people still care about refugees. That all of us, the whole wide world, even with COVID where we’ve lost people we love and have (these) things to consider, still there are people who even if they cannot come and help, always keep in mind that in some place near Mytilene on an island somewhere in Greece, there are people there that need them.

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