Interpreter Majd

"My name is Majd. I’m a Syrian refugee and I arrived on Lesvos in September 2017. I became a coordinator at a major community centre on the island, and left last summer to try something new. My desire to learn new things and improve my skills led me to Kitrinos Healthcare. Lesvos really changes you as a person - the people around you are coming and going all the time, so you become very self-reliant. You also learn that it’s better not to plan, as no one knows what’s coming next.

I work as one of the Arabic interpreters for the Kitrinos team. I enjoy my job, but it can be a challenge sometimes. I feel a strong tie to my community, and when I translate for them I have to try and communicate their emotions as well as their words. Sometimes it can be hard because I hear about difficult situations and I really understand what they are going through.

The translator team acts as the bridge between our community and the medical care they need. This gives us a lot of responsibility, and we are very aware of this.

The other side of Kitrinos is of course the medical team. They are always coming up with new ideas about how to support the people in the camp and how we can improve the medical care we provide. We really appreciate the work they do for the refugee community."

- Majd, Volunteer Interpreter for Kitrinos Healthcare, 2021.

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