“My name is Arman and I'm from Afghanistan. I'm a refugee living on the Greek island of Lesvos, and since June 2020 I've been working as a translator for Kitrinos Healthcare. I'm proud to be a member of the team: we all work together like a family and I have gained lots of experience.

As we all know, the situation in Camp Moria 2.0 is difficult. A high proportion of the residents have been infected with scabies. It’s great to see that the doctors and nurses of Kitrinos Healthcare are working hard to treat the refugees and prevent the disease from returning.

As a volunteer translator and refugee, I'd like to thank all doctors and nurses who come from different countries to help the refugees on Lesvos island. I’d like to send my message to all Humanitarian institutions that we need your help to continue our work.”

- Arman, interpreter for Kitrinos Healthcare, 2021

*Note: photo taken in Camp Moria, not Moria 2.0.

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