An Update from Us

Dear friends,

In addition to our ongoing medical operations in Lesvos, we're excited to announce that Kitrinos Healthcare are in the process of expanding our services to meet the ever-increasing needs of the refugee populations in Greece.

We're currently having conversations with NGOs and camp representatives on the Greek mainland and islands to assess the most pressing needs. One new location will be Athens, where around 20,000 refugees are currently living, many on the streets without financial support or access to proper medical care.

We'd like to send a huge 'thank you' to all of our donors and supporters, who have allowed us to continue providing care inside and outside the new camp following the Moria fires. With a newly stocked clinic - including a donated ultrasound probe courtesy of 'Butterfly' - and a great team of staff and volunteers, we look forward to this new chapter in which we hope to reach thousands more refugees in need.

Watch this space for updates!

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