Volunteer Interpreter Khaled's Message

My name is Khaled. I'm a refugee living in Greece. I want to tell you something. As an asylum seeker in Moria camp for a year and a half, I left the camp at the beginning of 2019. When the Coronavirus pandemic began, I wanted to help in any way, and was able to come to the island and volunteer as an interpreter for Kitrinos. It is so important to give all the help you can in life. I will send a message to the world. We interpreters need your help to continue our work with Kitrinos. Especially in these difficult situations on the island, we need your support today more than ever. Offer help today for whoever needs it - because you never know, you may need help in the future.

You can support Kitrinos volunteer refugee interpreters via Kitrinos' Interpreter Appeal here. Thank you so much.

- Khaled

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