Volunteer Interpreter Azita's Message

I’m Azita and I’m a refugee from Afghanistan.

I lived in Moria camp for 1 year and 3 months with my family, and you cannot imagine how difficult it is for people to live in a place like Moria. I think one important thing is missing in this world, and it’s humanity.

You know what makes me survive in Moria? Helping other refugees that need my help. What makes me happy is the Kitrinos Healthcare clinic*; it gives me hope to think positively about my future, just through helping refugees and seeing their smile.

Humanity is alive in the clinic because we always think about the patients. No matter if you are a doctor, nurse, or interpreter, our main goal is the same: to help those who need it.

You can support Kitrinos' volunteer refugee interpreters by donating to the Interpreter Appeal here.

- Azita

*Sadly, the Kitrinos Clinic was destroyed in the September fires, and our team are now operating in several nearby locations, with plans to build another clinic in Lesvos' new camp.

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