Our Work Following the Moria Fires

Dear friends,

Following the devastating fires which destroyed our clinic and most of our medication and equipment, our team is on the ground in Lesvos, continuing to carry out our mission to provide healthcare and support to refugees. We are currently operating in seven locations which are undisclosed to protect our volunteers and staff from potential protesters and attacks from far-right groups. Our team is split into several groups who are on the streets of Lesvos, attempting to identify refugees who may be particularly vulnerable or in need of medical assistance. We are still the only medical organisation on the ground offering medication for chronic health conditions.

Despite the admirable efforts of our volunteers and other NGOs on the ground, the situation is dire: while organisations are attempting to provide food and water to the thousands of now-homeless refugees, many people are being left behind and are not getting the essentials they need to survive. Mobs and attacks from far-right groups are further hindering operations.

We are deeply saddened to say that, as expected, COVID-19 cases are rising amongst the refugee population, with over 100 cases confirmed.

The response to our plea for donations following the fires has been truly incredible. We’ve so far raised over £50,000 for our Moria Fires Appeal, which will help us continue services, rebuild our clinic and re-stock lost medication and equipment. We’re over ⅓ of the way there - so please help us keep the momentum going by continuing to donate and share! Our COVID-19 Appeal, additionally, has almost reached its target of £100,000 - an incredible achievement.

Several kind supporters have offered to donate medications to help us restock our supplies, some even arranging to send over private planes!

We’ve also been encouraged by the rise in volunteer applications from doctors and nurses who, despite the potential risks, have selflessly offered to come and work with us during this extremely difficult time.

Our work began in 2017, when we operated from the back of a donated ambulance, which we converted into a mobile clinic and pharmacy. Having grown so much over the years, it's easy to feel disheartened that we're almost back where we started. However, now, we are so much stronger for having your support.

We would like to sincerely thank all those of you who have donated to our appeals, shared our posts on social media, applied to volunteer, and offered to help in any way. Additionally, we are indebted to the incredible volunteers and staff who have continued to work with us despite the risks and trials.

We truly couldn’t get through this without you.

Thank you.

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