Moria Fires Press Release

During the early hours of the night we at Team Kitrinos are deeply saddened about the fires that have ravaged Camp Moria which included our main medical clinic and all its equipment and supplies.

Thankfully, our team is safe. This includes the interpreters who live in the camp and their families who were evacuated to our volunteer houses. We are relieved that there was no loss of life or personal injury from the fire. The fires started in the “safe zones” for single women and unaccompanied minors as well as isolation units for Covid-19 cases. As humanitarians we do not condone activities that put human life in danger.

What was a humanitarian crisis, has now become a humanitarian disaster. Thousands of refugees have now lost the very basic homes they lived in and are now on the streets, behind barricades. Covid-19 is now present amongst camp residents with 35 confirmed cases. The oldest was a 65 year old man. These positive cases (and their families) are now interspersed amongst the other refugees. This will surely lead to a rapid spread of the virus amongst the refugees with catastrophic consequences for the whole island.

Given the urgency we plan to replace equipment and set up a mobile health clinic, using our ambulance on the ground. We need to act fast. We will also work with known partners on the ground to provide food and accommodation to those refugees who volunteer with us and the vulnerable homeless people.

Dr Siyana Mahroof-Shaffi, Medical Director

Please donate to our Emergency Fire Appeal or PAYPAL:


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