Our Emergency Room in Action

In our newly launched emergency room, we see a broad spectrum of seriously ill and injured patients on a daily basis.

Thanks to generously donated medicine and medical equipment, alongside colleagues from Boat Refugee Foundation and Medical Volunteers International, we are able to provide immediate care to all residents of Moria refugee camp as well as to asylum seekers housed in the town of Mytilene. Over the hot summer period, we have been able to prevent dehydration in our patients with the use of donated infusion bottles and sets for parenteral hydration. Availability of intravenous treatment in our clinic is essential in order to bring quick relief to those who suffer from severe pain, high fever or digestive disorders. When a patient presents in our ER with critical signs such low blood pressure, irregular heart rate or low blood oxygen and required hospitalisation, we can safely monitor their vital signs until the ambulance arrives.

Above: a 40-year-old lady who collapsed whilst suffering from frequent palpitations alongside a respiratory infection and a fever. In February she had to be hospitalised and treated for arrhythmia (an irregular heart beat).

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