#VolunteerDiaries: Dr Tomas

"During August, we experienced an extremely high influx of refugee arrivals to Lesvos Island. Despite the slight decline this month, our new arrival area is still incredibly busy. Greek staff were not prepared for this critical situation, and are struggling to manage. Doctors from Keelpno (the Hellenic Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) are with me now; besides them, Kitrinos are the only health professionals in this area.

The registration of new arrivals paused for some period, and the stress this caused resulted in increased hostility in the camp. I saw people sleeping out in tents so they could be the first in when the registration process resumes. Meanwhile, over a hundred people come the Kitrinos clinic every day. When I arrive in Moria at 8am, they are already waiting by the gate to be let in to our clinic waiting room. It's no different during the weekend. I can't imagine what would happen if the clinic wasn't here.

Recently, it feels like everything has collapsed all at once: Greek nurses and health assistants have left, medications have run out, screening of new arrivals have been put on hold - the list goes on. Fortunately, at the moment, we have a good number of doctors present in the clinic. They are experienced, reliable and they cope very well with the overcrowded clinic. Moreover, thanks to donated drugs and nursing material, they can supply the necessary medication to our chronic patients and provide a good clinical service to all. Of course, this would not be possible without our clinic coordinator's dedication and unrelenting hard work.

I would like to give a huge 'thank you' to all Kitrinos Healthcare supporters on behalf of all the sick and hopeless trapped in Moria camp. While the sight of large crowds gathering in front of our clinics makes us anxious, we feel relief when we know that for now at least, we have the resources to take care of them."

- Dr Tomas, long-term #TeamKitrinos volunteer

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