Psychological First Aid and Trauma Support

There are many cases of psychological trauma for both migrants and volunteers during this crisis.

Members of the Kitrinos team have been providing psychosocial support for both of the migrants and volunteers and referring escalated cases to mental health professionals when the case gets difficult to handle.

We are particularly interested in a proven technique for PTSD which avoids cultural and language barriers called ‘Trauma Tapping Therapy’ (TTT).

It is quick to do and easy to teach to others as it has become clear to us that traditional cognitive based approaches are impractical to deliver. You can learn it in an hour. You can use it for yourself and others. It can take less than 20 minutes to create small or lifelong changes.

Peaceful Heart Network taught Tension Tapping Technique (TTT) as a way to manage stress and secondary trauma for volunteers working in Lesbos with the refugees.

Check out their videos to learn how to do it.

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