Another child died in Greek refugee camp.

[8/10/2017] A 5-year-old Syrian girl died inside Moria camp at Lesvos. There is no official confirmation of the causes of deaths, but life in the unbearable conditions of Moria camp contributed without any doubt.

According to the available info, the girl had a serious health problem, and her family arrived in Europe hoping to get help.

The girl and her family arrived at Lesvos on October 3rd.

This is the second child that died over the last couple of weeks in Greece. The first case is from September 28, when 9-year-old Syrian girl died after the shipwreck near the small southeastern island of Kastellorizo.

Last year during the winter, six refugees lost their lives in Lesvos alone. In total, 13 people died on islands last winter. Due to current conditions on islands, many are afraid what this winter could bring. All of the islands are overcrowded and living conditions are less than basic.

This piece is written by AYS (Are You Syrious?)

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