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For so many refugee individuals and families in Greece Eid is a poignant time of year. Often with reflections on memories of better times and the awareness of their unstable situations. Eid should be a joyous time spent with family and friends. But for refugees it is a lonely time; representative of the reality of loneliness, instability, hardship and poverty. With your help this year we reached out a hand to show hundreds of families they are not alone.

Team Kitrinos arranged for the sacrifice of 66 sheep and distributed meat to over 900 individuals and families. Meat was distributed in Lesvos, Sinatex, Kavala and Dervani camps and to the many refugees who have been placed in temporary accommodation in Thessaloniki.

Thank you for your support. Please continue supporting our work to ensure that we can provide essential medical and psycho social support to refugees.

- Team Kitrinos.

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