History has its eyes on you

I had the pleasure of volunteering at Kitrinos charity in Greece for two weeks.

There are no words to describe just how impactful these weeks were on me. The people I met are people that I will cherish in my memories for the rest of my life; the children and their boundless happiness, the adults with their unfailing hospitality and kindness, and the volunteers for their tireless devotion to these incredible people.

I've come away from this experience with a whole new perspective on life, the petty worries and drama no longer plague my mind as I remember countless stories filled with sorrow and destruction told with a relief and thankfulness I've never experienced. To some people, the refugees are seen as a hindrance, to me, they are blessings on this earth, angels in the midst of devastation and hurt.

Their incredible and unwavering belief in people, their open hearts, and their ability to remain the most generous and beautiful people despite their dire situations. An Instagram post, a Snapchat story and two weeks later,

and I've completely and utterly fallen in love with every single one of them. I pray that God gives them the best of lives and may their happiness and open hearts remain that way as long as they live. They truly are a light in a very dark world.

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