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You can still support us by donating to us or directly to other projects

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KITRINOS HEALTHCARE is working on the ground with refugees in Greece. We are offering you a unique opportunity to make a small difference to a refugees families this Eid al-Adah for only £120

The Prophet (ﷺ) said:

‘Whoever offers a sacrifice after the prayer, has completed his rituals (of Eid) and followed the way of the Muslims.‘ – [Sahih al Bukhari]

Follow in the footsteps of Ibrahim (‘Alayhis-salam) and fulfil the act of Qurbani; which is compulsory for every Muslim who is of sound mind and possesses the nisab (zakat threshold).

The majority of refugees who have traveled to Greece by sea come from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, countries plagued by conflict. Over half of them are women and children desperate to find a safe place to live or to reunite with family members scattered by war. Having endured years of conflict and months making the dangerous journey to Europe, often in the hands of smugglers, they now find themselves stranded for the foreseeable future.

Refugees have been traumatized by the conflicts they seek to escape. In Greece, they endure the added stress of uncertainty and constant waiting and feeling like the world has forgotten them.

Team Kitrinos and reach out a hand to show them we haven't forgotten them this Eid and donate your Qurbani to Kitrinos Healthcare.

Ways to donate:

Update: SOLD OUT

You can still support us by donating to us or directly to other projects


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“When the month of Dhu’l-Hijjah starts, if one of you wants to offer a sacrifice, let him refrain from (cutting) his hair and nails.” (Muslim)

Show you care; give your share!

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