RE: Grenfell Tower

‎السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَ بَرَكته Dear Friends

On this auspicious night of possibly being "Laylatul Qadr",

I wanted to first of all wish you all the blessings of Ramadan - concentrated into one night ..and to ask you to forgive me for words spoken harshly or actions that may have been hurtful. Whatever said and done we continue with the blessing of life, health and energy which must be used wisely to serve others.

It's easy to feel deflated after so many trials in the last week alone. Having worked so closely with refugees from war torn countries.... I faced a new challenge this week to meet refugees right here in London... our home- equally distraught and displaced by tragedy. A young mother of a 6 month old baby who was still recovering from a miscarriage a few days earlier.... recuperating- or so she thought- in her parental home in Grenfell. An older disabled woman who happened to be on the floor where a neighbours"s fridge "blew up" and may have started the disastrous inferno of Grenfell. They are grateful to have their lives.... unlike the many others whose bodies remain in ashes and few more fighting for their lives in comas...

I have always noted that no matter where in the world a displaced person comes from - it is striking how ordinary, how similar they are to our own families- grandparents, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and each I see my own and pray that they remain unharmed..

With this tragedy on our doorstep, I felt obliged to distribute some of the Zakat received directly into the hands of those I met.

Thanks to your pledges, we have already sent a few hundred brand new jilbab/ hijab for those trapped in Greece. We are now organising a hundred more to be distributed for Eid this weekend insha Allah amongst the fire was touching to see that these loose light outfits were appreciated by all.

Another common theme that was arising - they are displaced and desolate but do have some dignity left and would prefer clean or new clothing. The hotels, sport centres, mosques and churches they are temporarily housed in have no laundry facilities and definitely no storage.

I would like to propose an ideal (and practical) eid gift in addition to new clothing would be a suitcase to carry their belongings as they face their onward journeys. In Greece - a medium size suitcase can be bought for £15 and a large one for £20... so if you like this idea then simply pledge these amounts ref "suitcase ".....

Let's keep our faith strong with the power of humanity coming together - each of us contributing in some small way..



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