Psychological Support: 'Trauma Tapping'

In collaboration with 'Peaceful Heart Network', we offer an innovative form of physical therapy called 'Trauma Tapping' to improve mental well-being in Camp Moria. 

There is a mental health crisis in Camp Moria, with high rates of depression, stress and PTSD, leading to self-harm and suicide attempts, even amongst children. Traditional 'talking therapies' are difficult to implement in the camp setting and can even lead to patients becoming re-traumatised. Instead, we teach stress regulation techniques to both volunteers and refugees, and we have trained volunteers on-site to provide 'Trauma Tapping' to our most vulnerable patients - a technique proven to reduce stress and anxiety and improve symptoms of trauma.

One of the greatest benefits of Trauma Tapping is that it's very simple to learn, meaning that our patients can teach the technique to their friends and family, providing a 'ripple of healing' throughout the Moria community.


Core Project: 'Care-A-Van'

Assisting migrants on the move

Holistic Care and Support

We have worked on numerous holistic care projects in the past, some of which are listed here. Click on the images to learn more.


Seasonal: Qurbani

Suitcase Campaign

Dates for Refugees

with Zaytoun London and YallaHelp

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