For Supporters

Where did the word 'Kitrinos' come from?

"Kitrinos" comes from the Greek word κίτρινος, which simply means "yellow". The name was chosen by pioneers of our programme Nick Sachet and Alex Shaw, depicting the colour of the two ambulances which served as mobile medical units as they transported clinical teams to deliver high-quality healthcare to refugees trapped in Northern Greece.


What type of services do you offer to refugees?

We provide first aid, primary and chronic health care to refugees. We deal with a wide range of medical cases and try to treat them in our clinics and transfer them to hospital if needed. We also organise other non-medical projects.


Do you accept physical donations e.g. clothes or medicine?

In general no, as there are plenty of other NGOs taking care of this. We have a medication and equipment wishlist that is updated regularly with our needs. Many things can be bought locally which also supports the local economy (and saves on baggage allowance!) and we prefer to spend funds there directly on needs that arise. Please email us at for information on our latest needs.


Where is your camp in Greece?

Currently we provide care to refugees on the island of Lesbos, in the Kara Tepe camp.


I want to fundraise for Kitrinos. How do I go about this?

That’s great! If you’d like to set up an online fundraiser to support our running costs or one of our campaigns, just go to You could also do a sponsored run, sale, silence, or a ‘virtual’ charity night - like an evening of music or comedy.


For Volunteers


I want to volunteer. What do I do?

That is great news! Please go to Get Involved. Fill in the form as much as you can so we can know more about your qualifications and of course, you.


I don't have any medical qualifications, can I still be involved?

Some of the skills that can be helpful are: being able to speak Arabic, being a driver, being a good organiser, or simply being passionate about caring for those in need. Having medical qualifications will definitely be the most ideal, but we don't want to waste any talent you may have. Please go to Get Involved. Fill in the form as much as you can in order for us to see where we can use your skills.


What happens after I send in my application?

When we have received your form, we will email you asking for supporting documents to be checked. Once checked and approved we will email you to confirm mutually convenient dates. Please do not book any flights until you are explicitly told to do so. In instances where you may not have sufficient documents, we assess each case individually. You may have other skills that can be beneficial and we may make an exception.


I cannot afford to meet all of my expenses while volunteering - can Kitrinos Healthcare offer me any financial assistance such as a stipend to cover my costs?

We regret that we are currently unable to provide such assistance due to our difficult financial situation. We are sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause but we hope this will not put you off joining us. Please see below for alternative ways to help fund your trip.


Can I fundraise to support your work and/or my volunteer trip?

Many of our current and previous volunteers have chosen to fundraise for us, in some cases using part of the final total to pay for aspects of their trip such as flights and living expenses. The remainder could then be dedicated to helping us with vital activities.


We would be delighted to provide assistance by creating a fundraising page for you on TotalGiving, which you will then be able to personalise. For more information, please email .

Do you have accommodation for me to stay in during my placement?
Yes! We provide housing for our volunteers which is free of charge for now. This is subject to change so we recommend that you check with us once you have been accepted to join us. Places are issued on a first come, first served basis and must be booked in advance. In the very rare event that our accommodation is full, you will need to secure separate accommodation nearby.


Is there a minimum length of stay for volunteers?

We ask that you commit to a minimum of one month volunteering in order to have enough time to adjust to our procedures. However we sometimes accept volunteers for shorter periods.


I have never completed a background check - is this really necessary in order to volunteer?

Yes! In order to satisfy the safety requirements of the Greek authorities and Kitrinos Healthcare, you must provide a document stating that you do not have a criminal record. In the UK this is known as a DBS, and in other countries such as the US it is possible to obtain a similar document from the FBI or your local police department.


I would like to donate supplies - what is the best way to do this?

Thank you for this kind offer! At the moment we suggest that you bring small amounts of medication or medical equipment with you, ideally based on our formulary list of required supplies which can be requested by emailing

If you are bringing medication with you in your luggage, we can provide a 'permission to carry' letter for you to present to customs if needed.


At present we do not recommend shipping large scale donations for security reasons. We are purely focused on providing medical care, so we kindly ask that donations such as clothes and toys be directed to other charities as we are sadly not able to process these.


Is there a dress code?

We don’t have a strict dress code, however you will need to be aware of the refugees’ cultural stances. As you will be working with people of varying religious/cultural backgrounds and mixed genders at the camp, it would be a good idea to wear sensible clothing such as long trousers and tops that are not revealing. You might be required to wear the Kitrinos T-shirt while on duty.




Will I have to quarantine when I arrive in Greece?

The list of the countries from where people arriving don’t have to quarantine and the documents they need to provide change constantly.

For a detailed description on the latest developments regarding arrivals to Greece please visit the official website:


Due to COVID-19, my home country may not let me travel unless it is an emergency. Can you provide a letter stating that I am joining you to carry out essential humanitarian work?

Yes. Please email to request this.


What health and safety precautions are you taking to combat the spread of COVID-19?

We provide full PPE to minimise the risk of COVID-19 spreading. The full procedures and protocols will be explained to you on arrival. If you have any specific safety queries or concerns which are not addressed, we can arrange for you to have a telephone discussion with a senior team member prior to arrival. Alternatively - drop us a line by email