Kitrinos Healthcare is a volunteer-run, grassroots NGO providing direct medical aid and psycho-social support to refugees and vulnerable migrants in Greece.

We are a growing group of dedicated staff and volunteers, working under the direction of Dr. Siyana Mahroof-Shaffi, a general medical practitioner who started working in Greek refugee camps in October 2015 on the island of Lesvos.


Our team is composed of committed and courageous doctors, nurses, social workers, advocates, staff, volunteers, advisors and trustees who work tirelessly towards our vision: a world where every man, woman and child has access to high-quality healthcare and can live a life of dignity.


We are proactive and passionate about empowering refugees and displaced people, and we enable those we support to improve their situation through this empowerment. Since Kitrinos was founded in 2015, refugees have been essential team members, working closely with us so that we can not only provide direct aid but assist the community in the long-term.

Our Story

Our work began in Camp Moria, Lesvos, where we offered consultations from the back of two donated ambulances which we had converted into 'mobile clinics'. When the number of migrants coming to Lesvos declined, we moved our services to several camps across the mainland and other islands, and have worked in around

20 locations to date. In 2018, we returned to Moria to meet the needs of the dramatically increasing population, where we worked exclusively for two years in an on-site clinic.


In September, fires destroyed the majority of Camp Moria along with our on-site clinic and equipment. We now work in three locations in Lesvos, providing care for the displaced ex-Moria residents now residing in 'Moria 2.0' (or Kara Tepe) - a temporary camp on the Lesvos coast. We offer a range of services, from triage & referral to wound care, scabies care, chronic disease management and health promotion classes.

Take a look at our Reviews and Reports to learn more about our work.

Feel free to look through our News and Blog page for regular updates.

Click here to watch a Kitrinos Healthcare documentary produced by 'Islam Channel'.

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The Ground Team

Our two ground coordinators manage our operations in Greece. 

We are a team of volunteer doctors, nurses, paramedics and other allied health professionals from all over the world. We work with translators and non-clinical volunteers and staff with the aim of providing medical care to refugees affected by the migrant crisis.


At any one time, we have around 6 doctors, 3 nurses and 10-20 translators working in the clinic.

Team Kitrinos is always on the lookout for volunteers, both medical and non-medical, so please get in touch if you are interested.

The UK Team

We have a small group of staff in the UK who are involved in admin, volunteer coordination, communications and fundraising to support our ground team and assist with the running of our services in the camp.

Kitrinos Healthcare Registered Charity Number: 1172586

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