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Donate to Kitrinos Healthcare and make a difference in the lives of vulnerable refugees today.

We guide a unique and dedicated team of volunteers to provide mobile and static medical care to refugees trapped in Greece. We currently operate a daily on-site clinical service in Camp Moria, Lesvos Island.

Medical Healthcare for Refugees


We believe that healthcare is a human right, not a privilege. It is unacceptable that those who are most in need are often the very people who are without.

Although we cannot prevent the refugee crisis from continuing, we can assist in the much-needed provision of healthcare for the vulnerable men, women and children who are stuck in the asylum-seeking process.


Thousands of volunteers
have given their time to Kitrinos Healthcare.


We have been able to provide over 150,000 refugees and vulnerable migrants with medical aid and holistic care.


We have worked in 18 camps across Greece in the past.

We currently work in 'Camp Moria 2.0' on the Island

of Lesvos.


Kitrinos Healthcare Registered Charity Number: 1172586

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+447908697791 United Kingdom

+30 695 5529507 Greece

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